Rodent Elimination

Scratching and rumbling in your walls and attic keeping you up at night?

Our proven 3-step rodent service provides complete elimination against unwanted visitors in your structure. 

  • 1st service we provide a full inspection of your property to locate entry points( and we fix em too! Cost additional average price ranges $50 to $250 not every situation is the same though) We also set up traps once we’ve determined our action plan based on inspection.
  • 2nd service is when we do proofing and fix the areas that are of concern as well as check the traps.
  • 3rd Service is based on rodent activity take traps or leave them. Rarely our additional visits ever necessary after third visit.

22802 Mariposa Ave., Torrance,CA. 90502

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22802 Mariposa Ave., Torrance,  CA. 90502

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