Cockroach Elimination

We get rid of cockroaches! No matter how great an infestation!

Cockroach isolated on a white background.

Cockroaches are never a joy to discover.We provide full service options as well as customizable plans and guarantees tailor made to give you just the right coverage you need in order to eliminate your infestation be it light or heavy.


We don’t want to offer you more than you need. Price includes service and 30 day protection guarantee.

We recommend at least 2 services which are required in order to eliminate infestations and a 30 DAY PROTECTION GUARANTEE with each service.

Additional services $65. Sometimes if you have a heavy infestation it might require an additional service(s) but 95 percent of the time we are able to eliminate your infestation within the first two services.


1st service eliminates any live activity.

2nd service should be around three weeks to a month later. When pregnant cockroaches die they drop their egg sac so the second service is geared towards eliminating any newly emerging cockroaches from the egg sacs.

Heavy infestations price may vary to fit your needs and customize service details.

Watch out for our Spray only Services

When companies spray all they’re doing is repelling cockroaches away, most of the time back into walls, only causing you to have a worse issue 60 days later.

22802 Mariposa Ave., Torrance,CA. 90502

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22802 Mariposa Ave., Torrance,  CA. 90502

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